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Dear Friends in Information Technology,

The Legislative Council (Legco) Election will be held in September 2012, and citizens must be registered before 16 May 2012 to be eligible to vote. Until we have universal suffrage in Hong Kong, functional constituencies will continue to occupy half of the seats in Legco, and have a direct effect on not only legislative matters but also the monitoring of the Administration’s governance, thus having an important impact on our sector and the whole of Hong Kong.

According to government statistics, there are over 70,000 IT practitioners locally, but only about 5,500 are registered to vote in the IT Functional Constituency, meaning that the election result in this sector can easily be manipulated. When the elected representative cannot reflect the sector’s view on government policy and legislative issues, the result will be devastating for the image of our sector in the eyes of the Government and the public.

In spite of a clear call for universal suffrage from Hong Kong as a whole including the professional sectors, the Government has not been making preparation for the eventual removal of functional constituencies. Instead, time and time again, it has been adding organizations prone to possible vote rigging to be eligible organizations inside the IT sector.

As professionals, we cannot sit and do nothing, and let the IT functional constituency seat become a rubber stamp. We must gather our strengths and encourage more IT professionals to recognize the injustice in the system, and call for more to register to be IT voters.

Please Act Now, and register as an IT voter, and get your IT friends to do the same, so that we can choose someone who can truly represent the IT sector, one who can actively monitor the Government, protect our core values for a justice and fairness in society as well as the freedom of expression, while at the same time fight for better recognition for the development of IT in Hong Kong. Even if you are already an IT voter, please still reconfirm with your professional association to ensure your membership is still valid, to avoid any unpleasant surprises affecting your voting eligibility.

Becoming a member of a professional body and then an IT voter may be cumbersome, but DON’T GIVE UP! How many more four-year terms can we waste? If you have any questions about becoming an IT voter, please contact us at info@itvoice2012.hk .

IT Function Constituency Voter Registration

Deadline 16th May 2012 (for LEGCO election in Sep)
  1. Register as a voter (Geographical Constituencies), please fill and submit this form: REO-1
  2. Join an eligible organization to fulfill the ITFC voter requirement
  3. Register as ITFC voter (please fill and submit this form: REO-41)
Eligible Voters Eligible IT Functional Constituency Voter (Ordinance)
Contact Us Email: info@itvoice2012.hk
REO TEL: 2891 1001
FAX: 2891 1180
Web: http://www.reo.gov.hk/
Email: reoenq@reo.gov.hk


The following organizations are some of eligible organizations:

1. The Hong Kong Computer Society 香港電腦學會 http://www.hkcs.org.hk/

Requirement: http://www.hkcs.org.hk/en_hk/membership/rp.asp

Download Form: http://www.hkcs.org.hk/en_hk/membership/maf.asp

Fee: Entrance Fee(HK$300) + Annual Fee(HK$500) = Total Amount(HK$800)

Two referees are required, one of them must be a HKCS member. Takes about 1 month to complete the application procedures.


2. IEEE 電機暨電子工程師學會 http://www.ieee.org/

The following blog is a very good reference for IEEE registration reference:


Eligible IT Functional Constituency Voter: Full member of one of the followings:

1) IEEE member and IEEE Computer Society member; or

2) IEEE member and IEEE Communications Society member; or

3) IEEE member and IEEE Circuits and Systems Society member;

1. Qualifications: A relevant degree related to computer science (CS, CE, EE, & ICT related)

2. Annual Fee :

IEEE + IEEE Computer Society = USD143 + USD 53 = USD 196

IEEE + IEEE Circuits and Systems Society = USD 143 + USD 18 = USD 161

IEEE + IEEE Communications Society = USD 143 + USD 25 = USD 168

Application procedures: refer to http://www.ieee.org/


3. Association for Computing Machinery (Hong Kong Chapter) 計算機器學會(香港分會)http://www.acm.org.hk/

To become an ITFC voter via ACM, you have to become an ACM Professional Member plus ACM (HK Chapter) Professional Member:

1. ACM Professional Member: http://campus.acm.org/public/qj/quickjoin/interim.cfm

2. ACM (HK Chapter) Professional Member: http://acmhk.cse.ust.hk/acm_membership.php

Annual Membership Fee: ACM USD$99 + ACM (HK Chapter) HKD$200

ACM Website: http://www.acm.org/

ACM (HK Chapter) Website: http://www.acm.org.hk/


4. The Institution of Engineering and Technology Hong Kong 工程及科技學會香港分會 http://www.iee.org.hk/

Eligible IT Functional Constituency Voter:

Honorary Fellows, Fellows and Members of The Institution of Engineering and Technology Hong Kong (IETHK) entitled to vote at general meetings of the Institution who are either:

(i) persons registered as Chartered Engineers with the Engineering Council UK; or

(ii) Corporate Members of The Institution of Electrical Engineers Hong Kong (IEE Hong Kong) before 15 October 2002

Remarks: Please note that if you have not renewed your membership of IET for 2012 your name will be deleted from the electoral roll in June. Please ensure that you are a fully paid up for 2012 as soon as possible. If you are not yet a member it will take around 9 months to get the CEng requirements approved – so it’s too late to join now and become a registered elector for 2012.


5. iProA 互聯網專業協會 http://www.iproa.org/

Annual Membership Fee: HK$500.

Application procedures: refer to http://www.iproa.org/index.php/en-GB/membership.html


6. British Computer Society (HK Section) 英國電腦學會(香港分會) http://www.bcs.org.hk/

Annual Membership Fee: £60.

Application procedures: refer to http://www.bcs.org.hk/eng/membership.php


Other Info:


About IT Voice 2012:
IT Voice 2012 consist of 20 Election Committee Members of the IT Functional Constituency. The group believes in universal suffrage and demolition of the Functional Constituency as a better constitution system for Hong Kong.


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