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Photo of Erwin Huang

Erwin is Vice President of Hong Kong Information Technology Federation (HKITF), and founding CEO of WebOrganic.  He is a serial entrepreneur and a leader in a social enterprise, the eLearning field.  He has extensive experience running from startups to public companies, and social enterprise. He is actively engaged in social services with a view to bridging the digital divide and promoting IT in education and eLearning.


Industry and public service

ICT industry

CEO, Weborganic (2011-present)

Convener, IT in Education committee, Hong Kong Information Technology Federation

Chairman, Hong Kong eLearning consortium (2009-present)


Member, Planning and Development Committee, Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong for (2009-2010)

Community service

Vice president, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA) (1996-present)


Academic qualifications

Double degrees in Business Operation Management and Management Information System, Boston University, USA