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Charles is the Founding Chairman of Internet Society (Hong Kong Chapter), currently serving as a member of the Executive Committee of the Society. He is also highly engaged in the regional and international internet community. He is the Chair, Asian, Australasian and Pacific Islands Regional At-Large Organization (APRALO) of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Over the years, Charles designated himself to strive for the best interest of the ICT industry by building a better business environment and level playing field. Charles is one of the Elected Members of the Information Technology Subsector, Election Committee of HKSAR Government and got re-elected with the highest vote in the 2006 election. Charles also serves as the Chairman of the Professional Commons.


IT professional membership

Member, Association for Computing Machinery (Hong Kong Chapter)

Fellow, Hong Kong Computer Society

Industry and public service

ICT Industry

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

  • Chair, Asian, Australasian and Pacific Islands Regional At-Large Organization (APRALO) (2011-present)
  • Vice Chair, APRALO (2010-2011)

Internet Society Hong Kong

  • Executive Committee Member (2011-present)
  • Founding Chair (2006-2011)

Hong Kong Computer Society

  • Health IT Special Interest Division (2007-2011)
  • Advisor, Cloud Computing Special Interest Group (2011-present)
  • Chairman, IT Manpower Roster Study Task Force, IT Professional Certification and IT Manpower Roster Feasibility Study, The Hong Kong Institute for IT Professional Certification (2006-2007)

Hong Kong Information Technology Federation

  • Council Member (2009-present)
  • Ex-officio Member (2005-2009)
  • President (2001-2005)
  • Vice President (1998-2001)
  • Council Member (1996-1998)

Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

  • Vice Chair, Digital, Information and Telecommunications Committee (2009-present)
  • Convener, Working Group on Creative Industries (2007-2008)

Member, Preparatory Executive Committee, Creative Commons Hong Kong (2008)

Member, Policy Advisory Board, dotMobi (2005-2008)

Director, Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation (2002-2004)

Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association

  • Chairman (1996-2001)
  • Secretary and Co-Founder (1996-1998)

Elected Member, Information Technology Subsector, Election Committee of HKSAR Government (2007-present)

Professional and community service

The Professional Commons

  • Chairman (2011-present)
  • Vice Chairman (2007-2011)

Member, IT Development Committee, Hong Kong Young Women Christian Association (2008-present)

Member, Technical and Engineering Subcommittee, Senior Citizens Home Safety Association (2008-present)

Member, Digital Solidarity Fund Committee, Hong Kong Council of Social ServicesHong Kong Blind Union (2011-present)

Advisor, Department of Computing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2009-present)

Director, Hong Kong Democratic Foundation (2002-present)

Member, Management Committee, Cyber Senior Network Development Association (2001-present)

Founding Member, Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor (1995-present)

Councilor, Engineers Without Borders (Hong Kong) (2008-2010)


West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

  • Member, Consultation Panel (2009-present)
  • Member, ICT Subcommittee (2011-present)

Member, CreateSmart Inititative Assessment Panel, Create Hong Kong (2009-present)

Consumer Council

  • Co-opt Member, IT Expert Advisory (2009-present)
  • Member (2000-2006)
  • Convener, Working Group on Web-based Services and Computer Network
  • Member, Competition Policy Committee (2000-2006)
  • Member, Trade Practices Committee (2000-2006)
  • Member, Publicity and Community Relations Committee (2000-2006)

Hospital Authority

  • Chair, Clinical Management System III Portfolio Steering Committee (2008-2011)
  • Member (2005-2011)
  • Vice Chairman, Support Services Development Committee
  • Vice Chairman, IT Services Governance Committee
  • Member, IT Advisory Committee
  • Member, Medical Services Development Committee
  • Member, Human Resources Committee

Digital 21 Strategy Advisory Committee

  • Member (2004-2010)
  • Member, Task Force on Information Security (2005-2010)
  • Member, Task Force on Facilitating the Adoption of Wireless and Mobile Services and Technology (2004-2010)
  • Member, Task Force on E-government Service Delivery (2009-present)

Transport Advisory Committee

  • Member (2004-2010)
  • Member, Traffic Management and Road Safety Committee (2004-2010)

CyberAdvisor, Hong Kong Cyberport (2009-2010)

Member, Road Safety Campaign Committee (2007-2010)

Member, Non-Local Higher and Professional Education Appeal Board (2005-2010)

Member, Committee on Economic Development and Economic Cooperation with the Mainland of the Commission on Strategic Development (2005-2007)

Part-time Member, Central Policy Unit (2000-2001)

Member, Trade and Industry Advisory Board (1998-2005)

Member, Information and Communication Technology Services Advisory Committee, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (1998-2005)

Member, Information Infrastructure Advisory Committee (1997-2004)

Academic qualifications

Purdue University (USA)

  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer and Electrical Engineering (BSCEE)